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Seminars, Lectures and Tarot Sessions created by the founder of HYPERSENSIUM - Natalia Bellerose aka Natiniani.

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." - Joseph Campbell


Artist, musician and Tarot Reader.

Natalia will open up to you the dimension of collective imagination.

Having graduated from Universities of Art&Design,Fine Arts, and Performative Arts, she realised that Art Academy is struggling to openly speak about spirituality. She is here to heal our collective blockages around Intuition and Mystical connection to life.

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Symbols & Archetypes

Art Meditation

4 Pillars of Creative Awakening

The Wind
of Change

Visual Intelligence is a strong tool for self-awareness.It is allowing us to see the world under a different angle. This creative eye shouldn't be a privilege of the artist alone. It should be a door for self-discovery for every human being.

Here on Hypersensium we are talking about 
psychological, spiritual, and esoteric art that is asking of us to dive deep into our subconscious mind. We are focusing on the art work as a key to self-awareness.

By studying the irrational language of symbols and archetypes one can bring to light myriad realisations about the self. A lot of artists have been fascinated by the system of Tarot, Alejadro Jadorowsky is a great example of it. Tarot is an amazing tool of accessing ones subconscious mind. Here on Hypersensium we are not interested in fortune telling, we are looking for Authenticity and deep connection to the self. 

Mythology & Folklore

Mythology and Folklore. Aren't those stories too ancient and arcane for the contemporary almost futuristic life? Not at all, this is the foundation of the repetitive combats of the human psyche and it is something that constantly needs revisiting, especially during the times of change. We are bringing to light myths and fairy-tales from different cultures, to highlighted that unity of our collective consciousness.

Sensory Meditation

The closest gateway to memory is lambic systme.And the lymbic system in its turn is best accessed by scent. Taste is also 70% scent, therefore its is deeply stimulating. Here on Hypersensium we are studying our connecting to plants and all edible olfactory goodies, that can connect us deeply to our collective imagination and reveal emotions and ideas that are stored deeply in our bodies.

1:1 Tarot Meditation

Fern Leaves
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Explore the Power of Tarot with Natiniani. Book a Tarot Session that will help you reconnect with your Intuition and get Empowered.

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