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Tarot Session

Tarot + Self-Discovery


  • Are you trying to connect deeper with yourself but don't know where to start? 

  • Would you like to bring more awareness into your energy filed, into your emotional body and your subconscious mind? 

  • Is your life simply too chaotic and you need a moment of peace and clarity?

  • Do you want to discover what negative beliefs are affecting your life?

  • Feeling emotionally drained all the time and don't know why?

  • Feeling like you are not living your life 100%? 

Then this meditative tarot reading is just for you. Please keep in mind that this a not a fortune telling tarot reading, it is an empowerment session that is aimed to connect you closer to your personal intuition, to your magic to help you hear yourself more, for you already know all the answers. 

Price: 1 hour/50 euros

Get in touch to book your Tarot Session with Natiniani

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Your Tarot Reader is Natiniani. Artist, Tarot Reader and Founder of Hypersensium. According to her: "Tarot is a creative tool of self-discovery, internal honesty, and inspiration to move towards the most peaceful version of ourselves ."

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