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Kimatica Studio

About the Kimatica Studio

Kimatica are a London based creative studio that emerged by our passion for art for social change, new interactive technologies and transformative experiences. Kinetica's strategic vision merges the aesthetics of light and motion to deliver unique experiences which dissolve boundaries between illusion and reality. 


Kimatica’s exclusive approach to transformative experiences encourages audiences to challenge inherent human perceptions and to reignite sub-conscious sentiments to spark a reconnection with the ethereal world. Their artistic practice explores concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience. Kimatica’s core team are Maria Almena as the creative and performance director and costume designer, Nestor Rubio as technical director and software artist and Ramy Elnagar as executive producer and project manager.

Selected commissions: National Gallery, British Council, Instagram, Veuve Clicquot, MTV, Nissan, Smirnoff, Tate Museum, Barbican Centre and Battersea Arts Centre. Selected art exhibitions: Kinetica Art Fair (London 2013 and 2014). Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid 2014) Barbican Centre London (Interfaces 2015) Tate Liverpool (Art Gym 2016). Chroma Art (Tribe17, Oxo Tower, London 2017). Art in Flux & CAS (Royal College of Art, London 2019), Event Two at V&A Museum. Talks and workshops: Kimatica have been invited to talk about their work and visionary approach at the National Gallery, Central Saint Martins College, Lights of Soho Gallery and Digital Shoreditch in London.


Kimatica Collective leading artists are:

Director and character designer: Maria Almena

Creative software and light designer: Nestor Rubio

Sound Designer: Jose Macabra

Choreographer and performer: Tania Soubry

Wearables and make-up designer: Susana Rodero

Lead vocalist and performer: Barbara Pugliese

Tech software assistant: Terry Clark

Electronics assistant: Sophie Bramley

Photographer: Sophie Le Roux

Producer: Jelica Obican

Research Tributes to 

- Dr David Luke. Senior Lecturer, Psychology, Greenwich University

Carl Smith. Senior lecturer, Creative Coding, Learning Technologies and Research,


- Ghislaine Boddington, co-curator of Future Fest and funder of body data space

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