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Combine Hypersensium Artisian Chocolate with our Meditation to practice mindful eating and help your subconscious mind set a delicious intention.

Burn-Out Retreat
Meditation, Breathing, Aromatherapy, Sacred Food, Creative Rituals that Recharge Energy Levels. CREATIVE HEALING.

Natiniani is an artist and an accredited meditation practitioner.

You are invited to take part in this artistic meditation and explore the power of taste in conjunction with intention to influence our mind. Letting go of all heavy energies. Allowing the new in. Grounding ourselves with cooking. 


Will be streamed online on January 25th

When episodes are recorded you can either purchase each individually, or buy access to all of them.

Food.Mind. Ritual.

Mindful cooking with intention, to reconnect with our senses our physicality and raise our pleasure levels. Using Food as an artistic tool to connect mind and body. Episodes:

Or Simply enjoy our list of meditations the classical way. 

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