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"Inner Power" Art Meditation

Today we will observe various art works that hold the imagery of the sun, and will allow our subconscious mind to work with the symbol of the Sun. Every artist is conveying their personal unique message with each artwork. And Hypersensium doesn’t hold intention at this time to interpret it. However, some things are set in stone in our collective consciousness, as the Sun is literally the main source of energy in our solar system, therefore the archetype of the Sun, in cultures of the East, the West, the North and the South, in one way or the other is embodying power, potency and abundance.  

The goal of this meditation is to open our perception to the subliminal messages of the art work. And see where it leads you. Where do you stand today in relationship to the sun? It is a great thing to admire the real one, but you might not have the whole day like Galileo to sit and study it, plus it is damaging to the eye. But today’s collection of Art pieces accompanied by my the list of meditative questions will help us look at this symbol from different angles, and experience different feelings in our body in relationship to it. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, you are the one who is going to interpret everything you see, because you are the one who knows all the answers about yourself. 




To do this exercise it is recommend really treating it as a meditation. Not an art lecture. You’re going to try to understand yourself better. So find a quite safe space, where you will have a private moment with yourself and take it slow, to really enjoy the experience. 


Choose the Image of the Artwork that you are attracted to the most. Do it intuitively.

Click on it, take some time to observe the sensations on the body while you are looking at it. 


Download the list of questions that will guide you through the examination of your feelings in more depth. 

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